Nerd is the New Chic

I have an inner-nerd.  That said, it does not necessarily mean I’m smart, it means I’m one of those sick people who enjoy academic torture.  I guess I am not surprised, it was the way my parents raised me.  I wasn’t given toys as a child; I was given books and puzzles.  I spent some of my summers at camps for “gifted children.”  I watched Jeopardy every night.  I was literally raised to be a nerd.

I’m not ashamed.  I still love to read and watch Jeopardy every chance I get.  I mean I don’t wear coke-bottle glasses and study quantum physics in my free time. I never enjoyed science fiction or Lord of the Rings.  I hated math and science in school.   I guess I’m just not that kind of nerd.  I do love book stores though. I relish in long days, sipping iced-coffee and indulging in literature.  It’s a rewarding experience.  I really don’t understand people who don’t enjoy that.  Who knows? Someday maybe I’ll have a big library in my house with a comfy chair, a cat and a rainy/overcast landscape outside my window.  That is so cliche! I guess it takes a sort of solitude to enjoy that, and not everyone enjoys being alone.

I’m willing to bet that everyone has an inner-nerd. Some thing enjoyable that could be seen by others as geeky or weird. I think it’s time to stop hiding it. Face it, if  nerdy wasn’t cool people wouldn’t buy fashion glasses (I still don’t understand that because I actually wear real glasses HA). We all want to be different, it’s human nature to fight against conforming, we all want to be seen as individuals.  Let’s all just flaunt our weirdness!


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