Cleaning Out the Closet

I have surrendered.  The suitcases are getting filled…very slowly. As much as I wanted to put it off, I have more peace in being prepared for the next phase of life than in trying to hold on to this one.  In a sense you could say I’m past the denial stage and on to the acceptance stage. Why does moving on become so much more grievous with age? You would think that after experiencing so many changes we would welcome them.  It’s therapeutic in a way.  Making a decision about what I’m taking and what is staying puts things in perspective.  The sundresses that gave me so much comfort during these hot summer days are getting pushed to the side as I’m reaching for the long-sleeve Oxfords that are going to be getting plenty of wear this fall.  It forces me to prioritize,  summer is for comfort, cool and easy; flip-flops and dresses.  School is for warmth and fashion; tights, pencil skirts and heels.

The suitcases are getting fuller every time I look at them (is “fuller” a word?).  Filled with clothes I forgot I had at that. How clothes get forgotten is beyond me, especially when I consider the size of my closet.  It’s even worse when I consider the size of the closet I have to move into.  How do they expect us to fit 9-months worth of heavy winter coats and clothes into a ridiculously small wardrobe and two drawers? Must be some part of the college experience.  A lesson in gratitude and making due with what you have.  It’s like that first day of freshman year when I came in with four suitcases worth of things I “couldn’t possibly live without” into a small room I was going to be sharing with three other people.  Sophomore year I came with a little more wisdom and a better set of priorities.  Now I’m a junior and I’m going for the minimalist way, what are my basic needs? It’s what I keep asking myself as I throw things into the college pile.

Little by little it’s getting done. Just like this college degree, one step at a time. Just like life.


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