Oh, The Awkward Stage…

In life. Junior high, it’s everyone’s awkward stage. The term “awkward age” is actually in the dictionary(I laughed) and it is defined as “the period of adolescence marked by self-consciousness and moody behavior.”  Honestly, I don’t think that does it justice. Emotionally speaking, yes, junior high seems to mark the climax of self-consciousness and status awareness. Physical awkwardness has it beat hands down!  Emotional gawkiness is definitely enhanced by the all the physical changes that seem to all happen within those two to three years.  All those annoying changes: I got my first pair of glasses in the seventh grade, my friends were all getting braces around this time and zits. Oh the memories! It’s just so funny, how universal it is. When people come over, no one wants to pull out the junior high yearbook (ew!), it’s funny to look at elementary school pictures and even high school but middle school?…eh.

In hair. So…I’ve had long hair my whole life. This summer I got the bright idea to chop it all off. I needed a drastic change and that seemed like the easiest one I guess. I went to salon with hair down to almost my elbow and came out with hair two inches under my jaw line. It was drastic and crazy, but I loved it. Then I came to college and with the hectic schedule and rushed way of life, I forgot something. Hair grows. Before I knew it, my hair was already touching my shoulder! It looked weird, it wouldn’t do what I wanted. When I straightened it, it would start flipping out (literally) and just not stay.  When I curled it, it just hung at an awkward length. It’s the hairstyle that says “I’m trying to grow my hair out, so I’m stuck in this in-between stage.” It’s not short anymore and it’s nowhere near long. It just hangs, it exists. It’s in the limbo of hair lengths. Luckily this stage is within my control and does not have to last three years. I did take care of it, now it’s even shorter than the first time. You know what that means? I won’t be hitting this awkward stage in a while.

In relationships. This one is my favorite, probably because there are just so many awkward phases in relationships that it was hard to isolate a couple to write about. The best ones are usually in the beginning. Example one: he asked you out on a date on Friday, it’s Wednesday, you are both at opposite ends of the hall walking toward each other. There  is those awkward thirty seconds where you see each other but you’re too far away to make eye contact but you don’t want to hold eye contact that long anyway (that’s just creepy!) and then the other part of you doesn’t  know what to do when you have to pass him. You have to do something. It’s inevitable. You are going to pass him. Do you acknowledge him? Are you gonna pretend someone text you and ignore him? Do you say hi to him?  Do you say hi to him by name? The stages do tend to make things more awkward.  What if you’re in that awkward stage where you’re not in a stage yet, but you’ve gone on a couple dates? Is that “talking”? When does “talking” become “dating”? What is the written rule for that? Getting to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, usually takes 1-2 years here, what are they before they ask you? What are we supposed to refer to them as? “Oh you know Joe, the guy that I’m dating/ my dating partner/ that guy I hang out with a lot but am not allowed to call my boyfriend?” So confusing. The “I like you” stage? Really?  What makes me laugh is that couple will be together for months and one night some girl will come running down our dorm floor ecstatic because her “dating partner/ special friend” told her he liked her? Really? Did he just realize this after seven months of courtesy dates or was this some secret repressed emotion that he decided to make public? It’s stupid. If he didn’t like you, why did he keep asking you on dates? I’m not a fan of couples that say “I like you” either. It is ever so cheesy…Gag me with a spoon. I’m sure I missed something, but these are just my thoughts on the subject:)