A Word on New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolution History

In my house, New Year’s is a big deal.  By mid-December our pantries are stocked with a couple bottles of Martinelli’s, party whistles and of course silly string.  Every year, about a week before the new year we have a family meeting. My dad hands out our written New Year’s resolutions from the year before, and we see who followed through on the most of their resolutions. I always win:) I’ve mastered the art of finding achievable goals.

Now before you scoff and  accuse me “sand-bagging”, let me explain the resolution process. Each year, every member of the family is given a paper with four categories. They have to write four resolutions for every category. That’s sixteen resolutions every year! I have to think of four things I want to improve: physically, academically, spiritually and mentally (personally I’ve always felt that mentally and academically should be one category.) If that isn’t hard enough, my dad has to approve the resolutions. They have to pass the SMART test.

Is this goal specific?

Is this goal measurable?

Is this goal attainable?

Is this goal result-oriented?

Is this goal timely?

So after all my goals pass all this scrutiny, they are locked away in a filing cabinet and I do not see them again ’til next December. Granted, if you were to peruse my goals over the last couple of years they do seem to compass the same basic themes:  weight loss, a better walk with God, better grades etc. I do believe that I have improved on these areas every year. I know there are those out there who are adamantly against resolutions, but I am one of those people that does follow through on their resolutions. If you quit growing, you quit living.  I never want to grow complacent with my growth.  So, all this to say, I’m thankful for my upbringing. For parents who always pushed me to improve and become a better person. I wanted to thank them for rewarding me on following through on goals, for showing me that pushing yourself pays off and most of all to show me they were there to rejoice in every victory with me.



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