My Alphabetical Ode to Autumn


Baked goods. I know, talking about food right off the bat. Summer desserts involving ice cream don’t go well with my lactose intolerance. After the crazy heat waves we get in the summer, fall is the first time it’s okay to even turn on your oven.

Color palette. I wear “fall colors” all year. September is probably the first time in the year I don’t look completely out of place. I get to proudly don my mustard yellows. navy blues and burgundies.

Decor. Dorm life is a bit restricting (budget and space-wise) when it comes to decorating. Not to mention that everything I think constitutes fall decor is a fire hazard, except pumpkins. Thanks to my roommate we have two pumpkins right now; that’s our fall decor this year. Since I can’t decorate my dorm room, I decorate my imaginary house on Pinterest instead.

Excitement. A good friend of mine once said that the only reason we go back to school is to see your friends and show off your new clothes. So true. Every year I rush back to school, talk to all my friends, show off some new threads and think “okay, I’m done now. I can go home now. ”

Fashion. I already mentioned that the colors for fall are amazing. I have a ridiculous scarf and cardigan obsession that I don’t get to put to practical use for six months out of the year. Fall is the perfect weather to satisfy my fetish. It’s cool enough to wear a cardigan, but not cold enough to have to wear a jacket over it. Perfect.

God Loves Me Sign – Thunderstorms! I know that’s weird, and some people consider thunderstorms to be more scary than inspiring. I don’t remember when I officially declared thunderstorms as my  God-Loves-Me Sign, but since then I can’t even tell you how many times I was having a bad day, and  I would look up to the sight of lightning illuminating the sky. God was telling me He loved me:)

A pumpkin carved into a jack-o'-lantern for Ha...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harvest Fest. Our college hosts three major  “dating activities” every year. The first event of the year is a trip to the apple orchard that we call “Harvest Fest.” We visit the orchard, eat some amazing pumpkin donuts, get lost in a corn maze, laugh at people falling off the mechanical bull and just have fun.I really enjoy it. Growing up in California, I thought the only thing that marked a season change was the calendar. One of my favorite things about moving to the Midwest is enjoying the season changes.

Imagery. As I’ve mentioned a couple times already, I grew up in Southern California. It’s great, like a perpetual summer. That said, the first time I saw a true autumn was three years ago. I was so awed by all the beauty in the colors everywhere. Now that it’s my fourth autumn here I appreciate it even more. I like to take advantage of the days I can look outside and see grass on the ground and leaves on the trees, because I realize that pretty soon winter’s going to come and kill everything by freezing it to death and covering it with snow. Such a downer, right?

Jack-O-Lanterns. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (if you can call it that.) Since I’ve been in college I haven’t been able to dress up or go to any haunted houses. Thanks to Pinterest I have enough ideas to host Halloween parties for the next three years. Who doesn’t love strobe lights, dry ice, haunted walk-throughs, cheesy slasher movie marathons, and mounds of candy?

Kicks. Boots are amazing! They’re the attractive transition between sporting my toe rings via flip-flops and layering three pairs of socks and snow boots.  Best part? They’re comfy and look good. Win! Can’t forget about tights. They’re great when I’m all out of nylons, and now the black and  brown is socially acceptable again, I can wear them with anything!

Leaves. I know I already talked about them a little bit in imagery, but they are one of my favorite things about autumn. I love them so much they need to have their own category. They are beautiful. When I was moving here after high school graduation, aside from all the warnings about cold weather, everyone made some comment about me getting to “experience the seasons” for the first time. When I look at the trees outside, I know exactly what they meant.

Motivation. Every year I come to school with a new planner for my homework and good intentions; both are usually gone by November. I set the same goals for myself every year: I’m not going to procrastinate, I’m going to study for all the tests ahead of time, and I’m going to keep track of all my assignments. I have yet to reach the “all” part on any of those, but I’ll give myself enough credit to say that there has been slight improvement over the years. It’s just that the motivation and drive I come to school with just doesn’t seem to make it to Thanksgiving. Ever.

Nerd weather. You know what I mean- that cold and rainy weather where you just wanna curl up on the couch with a good book and some coffee? Yes. Except during school I only have textbooks which I have to read and therefore cannot enjoy (ha ha); also the lack of a

Autumn is back

 (Photo credit: Geekr)

private couch doesn’t help.

One hour more of sleep! It’s the “fall back” one:) The daylight savings time where you try to convince your dorm supervisor that you can actually stay out until eleven, because “technically” it’s ten (I’ve tried it every year, never works.) You get to go have an extra hour of  sleep and actually wake up rested on Sunday morning.

Pumpkin Spice! There is no better way to start a morning than with pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee. Makes the day tolerable. I try not to get too carried away with the whole pumpkin spice thing; last time I went to the orchard (refer to H), we ordered half a dozen pumpkin donuts, and silly me ordered a pumpkin spice cappuccino. You can’t wash down pumpkin spice with pumpkin spice. Lesson learned.

Quick Semester. Advice to freshmen: if possible, take your hard classes in the fall. The semester starts in September and ends in the middle of December with a couple breaks in between. The semester is too short for the teacher to cover all the necessary material; therefore they can’t teach a lot, and since they didn’t cover a lot of information, the tests don’t cover a lot of information.  All of the teachers trying to cram information and assignments into that small span of time really makes the semester fly by.

Soup! I know, again  with the food. The college dining hall usually serves three different meal options at lunch. It’s a good idea, but the problem is they serve all their good options on the same day and all their bad meals on the same day as well. So, the lines are always backed up because people are trying to weigh which is the best choice, or which is the most edible. During the fall and some winter they have soup! It’s great for the days when all the lines are completely ruled out because they are serving either fish, spaghetti, or zucchini I have another option!

Thanksgiving. A holiday devoted to food? Yes. Okay, I realize that wasn’t the original intent of Thanksgiving, but that is what it is today. It’s a time to gather with our loved ones, enjoy a meal and count our blessings.  It’s all about the three f’s: Family, Food, and Football.

Umbrellas. I love them. They have practical uses such as: stopping rain, acting as a weapon if necessary, or getting someone you don’t like completely drenched (on accident of course!)

Verge of graduation.  Two-hundred and five days from now, I will be a college graduate. I’ll be able to make coffee wherever I want, not worry about wearing a robe in the hallway, or calling my peers “miss”. As the end of this semester comes, I’ll be halfway there!  I’m sure as I walk down to receive my diploma all of the crazy things I’ve gone through will be worth it.

Wind. The wind is so perfect in autumn. It’s not as hot and humid as it is the summer, but it’s not Chicago winter cold where you can feel the breeze go right through you. So, I like to enjoy this 3 month span of time where it’s enjoyable to be outside.

X.  I have no idea what to write for x. I have no knowledge about xylophones or x-rays.

Yearning for the holidays. Fall semester is great because you have two holiday breaks to look forward to!  I’ve only gone home for Christmas, but I’ve enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with my local friend’s families over the years. Of course, no one is complaining about the days off school either:)

Zombies! They go hand in hand with this season, right?  Halloween is this month and the new season of the Walking Dead just came out. Also, zombies start with Z, and I think that’s a good note to leave off on:)


4 thoughts on “My Alphabetical Ode to Autumn

  1. Interesting post! It sounds like your very in tune with seasonal fashion. You should try apple cider donuts if they have them where you got the pumpkin ones.

    Do you remember that book and website I shared with you? This is the blog to that site. It’s the most vibrant Christian community I’ve found online, so I just wanted to encourage you to bookmark this site and stop by often to comment with other Christians:

    I hope you have a lovely Autumn! 🙂

    • I’m actually going to the orchard tonight. I’ll try some of those apple cider donuts if they have them. I did take a look at the site; it looks pretty interesting. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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