More Things Christian College Girls Say

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Happy Easter everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while 😦 but I just got engaged to the most handsome man ever, and I’ve been busy planning a wedding and going to school. This will probably be the last entry in my “Things Christian College Girls Say” series. Thanks for reading:)

“– days until graduation!”

“My life will be complete when Starbucks delivers.”

“Can I borrow your ID to get lunch? We kinda look alike, right?”

“I took the long way to lunch just so I wouldn’t have to walk by the DOW office.”

“If I have to act happy for one more girl getting engaged, my face is going to break.”

“Ugh! It’s Tuesday, and we have devos.”

“In these circles it’s not about what you know, it who you know. Prime example? Tour groups.”

“She seriously made me pull out my ID when she saw my hand were full with Walmart bags. She knows I go here!”

“I just want to sleep.”

“I’m not one to gossip, but…..”


Things Christian College Girls Say: Dress

“I had to wear a scarf today cause this is so not three fingers.”

“I hope she doesn’t check that my slit is pinned, not sown.”

“Pretty sure that girl never wears nylons.”

“Wait, does wearing heels make my skirt look longer or shorter? I forgot.”

“You know, some girls just shouldn’t do the whole no-makeup no-filter thing.”

“Bless her heart, someone needs to teach her how to walk in those heels.”

“White tights should not be worn by anyone who is old enough to read.”

“Do I think I can get away with wearing a skirt under this dress?”

“She dresses like she’s on tour; last time I checked that’s not a compliment.”

“I’m rocking black tights today cause this skirt is a little on the short side.”

“Her skin was showing through those tights. I mean she was practically wearing fishnets!”

“Big necklaces and scarves cover a multitude of sins.”

“Is that guy in college this semester?”    “I don’t think so. He has facial hair.”

“Some guys need to realize that skinny jeans should only be worn by skinny guys.”

“Oh, you mean that guy in our class with the preacher part?”

“Pretty sure the only guys who wear polo shirts tucked into their pants have grandchildren or  a tuition bill due this Wednesday.”