Practical Tips for Practical Brides: Online Resources

As some of you may know, I’m getting married next month. I’m very excited, but it has definitely been a very busy summer. Here’s some things that helped me get through a shorter engagement

 Take advantage of internet resources. I have no idea how people ever planned successful weddings before the internet. When I got engaged (okay, maybe a little before…)

I downloaded The Knot‘s Wedding Planning app on my iPod. It laid out everything I had to get done in a checklist format, and provided a customizable budget. There’s something about being able to check things off a list that makes me feel like I’m more in control of my situation.  Not to mention I check it almost everyday to see the visual countdown at the top! 

ImagePinterest is great. Addicting, but great. It helped me get a visual idea of what I wanted, and more importantly what I didn’t want. It proved to be most helpful when I met with vendors. I found out I’m not the most articulate person; so when they asked me what I wanted or what I was going for, it was easy to take out a picture and show them what I wanted or what I was trying to do. I would definitely recommend that you have pictures ready to show vendors just to give them an idea for the direction you want to take. In fact many of the vendors wanted the link so they could look through my board themselves, and see what I liked. 

When I got back from my college graduation in May, I realized I was getting married in two and half months, and I didn’t have a photographer. I stressed myself out looking up different photographers, trying to get in contact with these people, and trying to find something I liked within my budget. Luckily, I stumbled upon Thumbtack. It’s a site design to get in the user in touch with services in that area. I typed in my zip code and that I was looking for a wedding photographer; within minutes I had an inbox full of quotes from different photographers in my area who were available. I was able to look at their work and check reviews. I made an appointment with a photographer that had sent me a quote, and they offered me a discount because I found them through Thumbtack.  It was one of my biggest lifesavers. 

These sites have helped me not only visualize what I want for the big day, but they have also helped me get in touch with the people that can make it happen. So, my advice to other future brides is to use these resources; they will make your life so much easier!