Sorry For Being “That Woman Driver”

woan driver








Everything has a history. Here’s this one.



First Attempt

Eighteen. In my defense, family rule was no driving before eighteen. So there I am, nervous and scared out of my mind, A cross, matronly woman steps out with a clipboard and sat in my passenger seat. My first goal is to pull out of the DMV and merge into traffic. Now, I had read somewhere that  hesitation is the number one reason people fail the driving test, hesitation isn’t what failed me. Nope. It was eagerness. I see my shot and take it. The car behind me slams on their brakes. My next goal was to turn right back into the DMV where I started.

Failure: Dangerous Maneuvers (I didn’t mind telling people about this one because it sounded very Jason Statham-ish)


Second Attempt

A couple of weeks later. A younger, nicer-looking woman gets into the passenger seat. I make it out of the DMV. “I might actually have a shot at passing this!” I think to myself. Then I start daydreaming about what I’m going to do with all this freedom I’m going to have. I hear the instructor say “Turn left here.” I glance up, see a green light, and start turning left. I think I’m doing great until I hear a honk, a scream, and the instructor takes the steering wheel away from me. Guess that’s what happens when you skim over the “right-of-way” page on the manual.

Failure: Intervention by the instructor. (Not as cool-sounding as Failure 1, so I’m not too keen on telling this story)


Third Attempt

A couple of months later. A very young, Asian guy comes out. He skips a lot of the preliminary questions. “Yes! I got this!” I think to myself, again. I make it out of the DMV and a successful left turn. I’m in the right turning lane.

“I want you to go straight” he says.

I point straight ahead, “Like ‘over there’ straight?”

“Yes. Straight”

“You sure?” I ask.

He nods.

I drive straight through the intersection, right over the large white arrow pointing right.

Failure: Lane Violation (I still think the Asian man tricked me. Shouldn’t have counted)

(And he took my permit away)

(And, I might have cried all the way home)


–Three Years Later—


Fourth Attempt

Twenty-one. Pretty boring story. I passed!



I’ll end this post by apologizing to all the competent and experienced drivers I’ve made angry in the past two years.  I  have not mastered merging and switching lanes, but I have mastered the apologetic wave and the mouthed ‘sorry’ in the rear view mirror. Sorry!



Your thoughts on my thoughts?

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