Two Months: Expectation vs. Reality

Henry is two months! It’s so hard to believe. We took him for his two month checkup  this week. It’s all good. He’s gotten bigger. He got his shots (I cried more than he did.) Even though it’s only been two months I have learned so much about being a mother.

Expectation: I’m totally gonna sleep train him right away. I googled it, so I pretty much know the gist of it.


Reality: It’s a little early to sleep train right now, but I’m glad I never shared my unrealistic sleep training expectations with other mothers because I would have, without a doubt, been laughed at. Losing sleep is, from what I’ve heard, pretty much inevitable, and that’s okay. It does get better. Henry sleeps most nights now. I have my sanity and did not experience any of the crazy things that popped up when I googled prolonged sleep deprivation.

Expectation: I’m not going to baby him.

Reality: I baby him. I pick him up when he cries because his cries mean something. I don’t think he’s figured out that he can cry for attention yet. He has this one cry that just kills me:  He pouts and has this just cry that just sounds like sadness. I think he’s starting to figure out that I have a weakness for that specific cry. But, I do “baby” him, after all, he is a baby. Duh!

Expectation: I’m never going to talk “baby talk” to him.

IMG_0922Reality: Anyone who knows me that I HATE when people who are not babies speak in a baby voice to other non-babies. So, I never imagined any scenario that would involve me using that voice. Until recently. Henry just started smiling, and as you can imagine nothing makes me happier than to see his tiny, squinty-eyed grin. Consequently, I will do the craziest things and speak in the most obnoxious voices to get that little man to smile.

Expectation: I’m not going to be one of those cliché and over-protective first time mothers who makes people use hand sanitizer before holding their baby.

Reality: Okay, this one was actually pretty spot on. If you want to relieve me of baby holding duties and

1) I know you

2) I don’t think you’re going to run away with my child

and 3) you seem like a normal human being with good hygiene, then you can hold Henry. You can be sure I’m not going to pull Germ-X out of my purse. Plus, I still have no upper body strength, and he ways over ten pounds now, so if you want to help me out, just thank you.

I’ve learned a lot in two months. I can’t wait to see what else I learn as this little man gets older.



Your thoughts on my thoughts?

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