Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging

I started Honestly Modest, like all bloggers do, with great intentions of updating it on (at least) a weekly basis. As I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, I haven’t even come close to that, but things happen. Life happens. Also, I am an accomplished procrastinator. I’m sure you’re curious (probably not, but I’ll tell you anyway) about all the things I’ve managed to distract myself with.

1. Folding clothes and cursing humanity. What? No, how could I have anything but love for the women (yes, it is always women) who watch me spend thirty minutes folding an entire table of shirts, yet somehow seem to have no problem walking over to that very table pulling shirts from the bottom of the stack and shaking out all my methodical creases? The only people who could hold more of my adoration are tweens and moms who leave their half-empty Skinny Peppermint Mochas for me to find shoved behind a stack of yoga pants. Lovely. 


2. Indulging in a Netlflix binge of dark dramas. I’m up to date on my favorite serial killer, convict, ad man, Rick’s group of survivors etc. Now starting House of Cards (thank you, Becky.) Kevin Spacey is great in it, by the way; I’m a fan of the speak-to-the-viewer angle. I watch way too much televisions. I really shouldn’t be trusted with a Netflix account.

3. Reading, of course! I’ve learned a few things about myself through my literary adventures. For one, Veronica Roth would have probably placed me in Amity (I’d like to think Erudite, but I’m being realistic). Second, after reading Orange is the New Black I have concluded that my comparisons or dorm life to prison were really not that far off.  I would like all of those who called me over dramatic to retract their statements. Thank you. way too much television.  I just really shouldn’t be trusted with a Netflix account.

Now that I have confessed how I have failed to make this blog a priority. I am making a resolution to post at least twice a month, which is, I believe, quite doable.  I want to thank all my readers for being loyal and amazing these past two years! Love you all!  I wish you all a Merry Christmas 🙂


I Love Gossip Girl and Don’t Care Who Knows It

Thanks to Netflix millions of us have happily succumbed to the dangers of having entire television series and movies at the touch of a remote. It was through this drug I stumbled upon Gossip Girl.

Chuck, Blair, Serena and NateGossip Girl, seeing the title gave me flashbacks to high school when the young adult book series was popular. It seemed like every girl carried around a copy of Cecily Von Zeigesar’s books like a hot accessory, but I was never really interested in reading them. Pictures of girls in plaid skirts whispering to each other above titles like All I Want Is Everything didn’t appeal to me at a time when I had Orwell and Golding chapters summaries to turn in for Lit.

Then the show came out. I was definitely-not-in-a-million-years allowed to watch it. We had strict TV standards in our house. The only shows we watched were Jeopardy, Survivor and The Amazing Race. A show like Gossip Girl with common themes of underage drinking and drug use would not last five minutes under my parent’s roof. Thus, all talk of “Blair” and “Serena” was something I was completely out of the loop on in high school.

Now, four years out of high school I find sucked into Von Zeigesar’s world of the Upper East Side. Why?

  • I’m sure part of it is a case of I-Gotta-Do-All-The-Things-I-Wasn’t-Allowed-To-Do-Growing-Up-itis.  It’s a pretty common condition among children with strict upbringings, but if my acting out is watching a show about social climbing teens, then I’d have to say that my case is fairly mild.
  • The Clothes! While Mad Men was the first show to draw me in strictly on costume design, it was the script and story line that kept me a loyal viewer through the seasons. With Gossip Girl, the clothes are definitely still a strong pull for me coming into season four. Part of the allure of Gossip Girl is the portrayal of these characters with ridiculously extravagant lives, and what the characters wearing is always going to play a big part in that.


  • The soundtrack. I love everything about it. They’ve had Florence and the Machine guest star along with others, and with bands like The Bravery, The Kooks, Cold War Kids playing in the background, of course I fell in love!


  • The subtle nods to literature and classic movies. I appreciate that all the episode titles are plays on works of literature or popular films, such as The Serena Also Rises and Damien Darko. Also, one of Blair’s redeeming qualities (and she doesn’t have many) is her appreciation of classic movies. There are a few episodes that begin in Miss.  Waldorf’s nightmares which are almost always plays on old movies like My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Wait Until Dark.
  • Chuck Bass. ’nuff said.

My poor husband married me thinking I had a high standard for quality entertainment (which I still believe is true!), he’s had to learn that every girl needs her cheesy, totally-predictable, unbelievable, soap opera dramatic, chick-flick shows to watch. He’s also getting pretty excited that almost done  with all the episodes of Gossip Girl (too bad he doesn’t know I have Pretty Little Liars next on the queue!)

You know you love me,


Honestly Modest 😉